Friday, 21 December 2012

Egg-Citing News For Chickens And Cyclists This Christmas

Cyclists, pedestrians, Park and Ride users, and even chickens will benefit from several transport improvements in Trumpington.

Cambridgeshire County Council has upgraded a 150 metre shared foot and cycle path from Foster Road to The Busway cycle track and have added a new black-top surface.

Part of the scheme included the County Council working with Cambridge City Council, to help provide a water supply for poultry being kept in nearby allotments.

The improved path near Foster Road runs through Trumpington allotments, and is used by cyclists and pedestrians travelling to Addenbrooke's Hospital and Cambridge station.

Ceri Galloway, a committee member and Chicken Plot Manager of Trumpington Allotment Society commented: "It was a really good experience of working with the two local councils and a win-win situation for all involved. There was a simple, straightforward negotiation that enabled us to obtain a water supply to our poultry plot for the first time, which has existed since 1947. It will make life much easier for us to care for our chickens!"

Additional improvements have been made to the 200 metre shared path which links Foster Road to Alpha Terrace and Fawcett Primary school, after parents asked for the route to be resurfaced as it was uneven and regularly flooded.

There is also good news for cyclists using Trumpington Park and Ride. Work has begun on adding 70 new steel cycle racks to the car park. There are additional plans to extend CCTV coverage to bike parking facilities and add covers to the cycle racks.

Improvements on the shared foot and cycle paths cost £30,000 and the overall works at Trumpington Park and Ride will cost £15,000. All projects have been funded by central Government through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF). The fund aims to help maximise the county's potential for growth and attracting business by improving transport links, including the county's cycle network.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Ian Bates, Cabinet Member for Growth and Planning, said "We're committed to working with local community groups and our partners at Cambridge City Council. The work undertaken at the Foster Road path shows a great example of how we can all work together to support the local community and provide means of sustainable transport."

Cambridgeshire County Council was awarded £5m by central Government in May 2012 to spend over three years. This was from the 'Local Sustainable Transport Fund', a fund established to enable the delivery by local transport authorities of sustainable transport solutions that support economic growth while reducing carbon. The fund also provides an opportunity to deliver additional wider social, environmental, health and safety benefits for local communities.
In Cambridgeshire, the funding will be used for a programme of measures aimed at 'Getting Cambridgeshire to Work' by making it easier for people to travel between home and work, and to other key destinations.

Programme measures will be implemented under three themes:

  • Improving links to transport interchanges and corridors
  • Improving links to employment areas
  • The provision of improved travel information

The programme incorporates projects which aim to:

  • Improve journey time reliability
  • Make journeys more attractive via sustainable, healthy and lower carbon contributions
  • Change travel behaviour
  • Reduce congestion
  • Improve connectivity and interchange facilities