Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Plans To Help Light The Way On Busway

Plans are afoot for new solar-powered stud lights to be installed along the Busway maintenance track between Orchard Park and St Ives.

Cambridgeshire County Council has previously used the studs on cycle routes such as those between Over and Swavesey and on the Addenbrooke's to Shelford route where they have proven to be very popular.

The Busway cycle track has been well used since its opening in August 2011 and new solar lighting will mean that people will now be able to use it well into the winter evenings as well.

The studs are expected to cost around £95,000 and will have a minimal impact on the local environment while helping light the way.

Councillor Ian Bates, Cabinet Member for Growth and Planning, said: "This is fantastic news for those who use the Busway maintenance track to walk and cycle. Solar studs will provide a trail route for users to follow while having no ongoing cost for the Council. The Council is committed to providing good facilities for cyclists and pedestrians and will be looking towards lighting other sections of the Busway maintenance track."

Installation is expected to begin in late January 2013, with works expected to last around eight weeks. Efforts will be expended to minimise disruption to the public during the works, but some disruption is likely.

Funding for the works is coming from the Cambridgeshire Local Sustainable Transport Fund programme which includes a programme of measures aimed at 'Getting Cambridgeshire to Work'. £5m has been awarded by Government to spend over the next three years, which will unlock a further £4.2m to be spent on transport improvements.

Cambridgeshire County Council was awarded £5 million by Government (Department for Transport) in May 2012 to spend over three years.  This was from the 'Local Sustainable Transport Fund', a fund established to enable the delivery by local transport authorities of sustainable transport solutions that support economic growth while reducing carbon. The fund also provides an opportunity to deliver additional wider social, environmental, health and safety benefits for local communities.

In Cambridgeshire, the funding will be used for a programme of measures aimed at 'Getting Cambridgeshire to Work' by making it easier for people to travel between home and work, and to other key destinations.

Programme measures will be implemented under three themes:

  • Improving links to transport interchanges and corridors
  • Improving links to employment areas
  • The provision of improved travel information

The programme incorporates projects which aim to:

  • Improve journey time reliability
  • Make journeys more attractive via sustainable, healthy and lower carbon contributions
  • Change travel behaviour
  • Reduce congestion
  • Improve connectivity and interchange facilities