Friday, 21 December 2012

Timetable For Parish Council Meetings 2013

At last nights Parish Council meeting the meeting dates were agreed for 2013. These are;

Full Council (Thursdays starting at 7pm in the Parish Council Offices)
  • 17th January
  • 21st February
  • 21st March
  • 18th April
  • 16th May
  • 20th June
  • 18th July
  • 19th September
  • 17th November
  • 19th December
Environment Committee (Wednesdays starting at 7:30pm in the Parish Council Offices)
  • 6th February
  • 3rd April
  • 5th June
  • 4th September
  • 6th November
Planning Committee Meetings - these are scheduled but only actually take place if there are any planning applications that need to be discussed that could not be discussed as part of the agenda of a Full Council meeting (Thursdays starting at 1.30pm in the Parish Council Offices)
  • 10th and 24th January
  • 14th and 28th February
  • 14th and 28th March
  • 11th and 25th April
  • 9th and 23rd May
  • 13th and 27th June
  • 11th and 25th July
  • 12th and 26th September
  • 10th and 24th October
  • 14th and 28th November
  • 12th December
Cllr Andy Pellew