Wednesday, 30 January 2013

2011 Census Travel To Work Statistics

The ONS published this part of the 2011 census today. People who have been following Cambridge City Councillor Colin Rosenstiel on Twitter will already have heard a lot of these details as he has taken the figures and calculated percentages based on those people who actually travel to work (ONS figures include everyone).

In Cambridge City the percentage of people who travel to work who use a bicycle has risen from 28.3% in 2001 to 31.9% in 2011 - an increase of about 12% which is good news.

Sadly this, very impressive, figure was beaten by the number who were using motor vehicles to get to work - 33.8% driving cars, 3.0% car passengers, and 0.9% motorcycle - making 37.8% in total. This figure has continued the downward trend from 2001 when the figure stood at 46.4%.

At this rate there is every opportunity, should there actually be another national census, that the two figures will meet in 2021.

Looking at the National Picture Cambridge is still at the top of the Local Authority league table;

Local           Percentage
Authority       cycling to work
----------      ---------------
Cambridge       31.9
Oxford          18.7
Scilly Isles    18.4
Hackney         15.4
York            12.1
Gosport         11.2
Cambridgeshire  10.3
Islington       10.1

Sadly though this league table actually shows *all* the authorities who have a "cycle to work" rate of over 10%!