Friday, 18 January 2013

£25M Power Station Project To Save Energy And Cut Costs

Cllr Tim Ward
(LD, Arbury)

Cambridge City Council is teaming up with Cambridge University on a £25 million project to build a mini power station for the city centre.

Unlike a conventional electricity power station which wastes some of the heat it generates, the scheme would heat hot water which would be pumped around buildings to provide heating, saving energy and cutting costs.

The project would provide heating and hot water for the city council, universities and some colleges.

A detailed financial appraisal will now be carried out along with design work and recommendations for the location of the power plant.

Tim Ward, Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Planning said: “Theoverall efficiency of Combined Heat and Power systems are much higher than the traditional arrangement where heating is provided by gas boilers and electricity from large power stations.

“This results in energy savings which in turns cuts carbon emissions and reduces costs.”

Similar schemes are already in operation elsewhere in the UK including Nottingham and Southampton.

At the same time, Cambridge City Council is promoting the government’s Green Deal encouraging householders to save money on their energy bills by providing money for home insulation and other energy saving measures.

Although householders will not have to pay for the work up front, the cost will be recovered over time through their fuel bills.

The golden rule for Green Deal installations is that the energy savings must be at least enough to pay for the installation.

The city council, together with other Cambridgeshire councils, are setting up a scheme to secure the maximum take-up of Green Deal measures to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in their council housing.

“We will be aiming to ensuring good value and high quality energy efficient installations,” said Cllr Ward. “This will provide work for the local energy efficiency companies and support community groups and voluntary organisations working on sustainable energy related issues.”