Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cambridge City Lib Dem Budget Seals Commitment To Living Wage

Cambridge Liberal Democrats have sealed their commitment to deliver on the living wage for city council staff with a £68,000 a year investment in their budget proposals.

Full-time and temporary staff will be paid at least the living wage of £7.45 an hour. Agency workers will also qualify for the living wage after being employed for four weeks.

In addition, the council will encourage contractors delivering services for the council to follow suit and this was emphasised during the recent re-tendering process for contracts to run the city’s swimming pools and other leisure facilities.

The promise to deliver the living wage was put forward by Lib Dem Rod Cantrill, Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Arts, Sport and Public Places and supported by members.

"The Lib Dems in government have secured a tax cut for low paid families by raising the tax free allowance,” said Cllr Cantrill, “and the City Council's move to make sure all its employees are paid at least the living wage builds on this, giving people more money in their pockets."

Now the Lib Dems are now campaigning for other key employers across the city such as Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge University to pay their employees the living wage.