Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Connecting Cambridgeshire - Latest Numbers

The latest numbers for Connecting Cambridgeshire are available here (via Google Docs).

The number of premises available in Bar Hill Parish is 1808, we have only 171 registrations *however* this isn't a bad thing as we actually already have access to the 100MB service the government is offering to fund as part of this scheme - from Virgin Media.

So the real question isn't why do we have *only* 171 registrations, it's why do we have 171 registrations at all? Why should the Government be funding a broadband expansion for BT in direct competition with Virgin Media?

Don't get me wrong there are parts of Cambridgeshire that really need this investment. Parts of Cambridgeshire where broadband is more reminiscent of the old 56k modem days but we shouldn't be encouraging the state to intervene in the market for Broadband where no such intervention is necessary.

By all means let's get the broadband upgraded in Orchard Park (where it's terrible by all accounts) but let's not roll out anything in Bar Hill where if you want 100MB broadband you only have to pick up the phone and switch to Virgin Media.