Thursday, 17 January 2013

Conservatives Dump Thousands Of Tons Of Waste In Landfill Unnecessarily

Thousands of tons of waste are going straight to landfill after the County Council’s £42m recycling wheel fell off.

The waste-separating wheel at the recycling plant at Waterbeach has been broken for 4 months already and looks set to stay broken till December 2013. So far the Conservatives have refused to come up with any plan for dealing with the county’s waste other than shoving it straight into landfill.

“The breakdown means that everything in our black bins goes to landfill,” said Cllr Kevin Wilkins. “The Conservatives have had four months to work out an alternative but they said they had no idea when they might develop a plan B.”

“More than three thousands tons of waste every month is going to landfill unnecessarily.”