Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lib Dem European Group: Eurofile Issue 14

Issue 14 of Eurofile magazine has been published (downloadable here - via Google Drive), with European news and comment from a Liberal Democrat perspective.

In this edition:

  • 'BRITZERLAND' IS CLOUD CUCKOO: Fiona Hall MEP on how there is no Swiss-style option for Britain outside the EU.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Andrew Duff MEP spells out the reasoning behind his controversial call for EU membership to include a permanent 'Associate Member' category.
  • PATENT DEAL AFTER 40 YEARS: At last a common EU patent deal to slash costs of innovation and patenting for business.
  • THE EURO CRISIS: Nick Hopkinson, former Director of Foreign Office policy forum Wilton Park, looks at the origin and evolution of the euro crisis in the first of a two-part analysis.
  • SINGLE SEAT TREATY CHANGE: Pressure grows for a treaty change to allow a single seat for the European Parliament, after a court bars the latest attempt by MEPs to hold two of their expensive Strasbourg sessions in the same week. 
  • SHALE GAS: Catherine Bearder MEP says the safeguards for fracking don't go far enough.
  • BANKING UNION 'LITE': Sharon Bowles MEP says moves towards banking union in the Eurozone so far amount to 'taste without commitment'.
  • CHANGE IN GEORGIA: Liberals play a key role in the 'Georgian Dream' coalition that ousted Saakashvili from power with an election victory, the first democratic and peaceful regime change in the country's history.
  • CRIME OPT-OUT GAMBLE: Sarah Ludford MEP spells out the cost of Cameron's call for Britain to opt out of EU criminal justice co-operation.
  • ANTI DUMPING DUTY ON CHINESE TABLEWARE: Commissioner De Gucht unexpectedly agrees to provisional anti-dumping duties after a campaign against Chinese imports of table and kitchenware at artificially low prices. Phil Bennion MEP reports.
  • FISHING REFORM: Chris Davies MEP welcomes support by MEPs for reform, but Irish MEP Pat the Cope Gallagher is disappointed by deadlock between the Council of Ministers and Parliament over long term fishery management plans.
  • IRISH PRESS FOR CAP REFORM: George Lyon MEP on Irish moves to force the pace on farm policy reform.
  • CONNECTING EUROPE: ALDE MEPs fight to protect the new Connecting Europe Facility from cuts. The financial instrument is backed by business as a key tool for growth, by leveraging billions of euros to improve EU transport, power and telecom networks.
  • ASHCROFT ON UKIP: a fascinating snippet of Lord Ashcroft research on the attitudes of UKIP voters. 
  • LGBT PRIDE: Liberals in Serbia condemn the ban on Belgrade Pride as a de facto suspension of the right of assembly.