Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Year, New Year - Are You A Library Member?

This New Year, The County Council wants to help more people access their services, learn new skills or find out more about the authority as part of its New Year, New You themed campaign.

Anyone living, working or studying in Cambridgeshire or neighbouring counties is welcome to join the council's library service - and it's free. It's easy to join, you can complete an application form online or by visiting any Cambridgeshire library.

A full Cambridgeshire Library membership allows you to borrow up to 12 items from any of the libraries. Items include more than just books - magazines, DVD's / Blu-Rays, CD's and audiobooks are also available.

Local Bar Hill Parish Councillor Andy Pellew said "I would encourage everyone, young and old, to join our local library as well as our local 'Friends of Bar Hill Library' group. Our local Library, as well as the Local Post Office to which it is attached, are vital to our community and the more we can show that we value and use these services the more we can ensure they are still here for future generations."

"You can return anything you've borrowed to any Cambridgeshire Library so if you pick something up while you're out in Cambridge you can always drop it back off here in Bar Hill."