Monday, 14 January 2013

Rapid Response Team To Target City Street Cleaning

A £100,000 rapid response team is to be launched in Cambridge in response to the city’s growth.

It will keep the city’s streets even cleaner by targeting issues such as discarded chewing gum and overflowing bins.

The team will be able to be called in quickly to deal with reported issues across residential areas and local shopping centres in a bid to enhance current street cleaning standards while the Business Improvement District fund is expected to address the same in the city centre.

Using specialist equipment, the flexible rapid response team will tackle deep cleaning, dealing with issues as they arise.

A £75,000 specialist vehicle will be provided and the team will cover the week on a rota system including early evenings.

Funding for the new rapid response team has been included in the coming year’s Cambridge City Council budget and is just one initiative to make Cambridge a cleaner city.

The council is also introducing in-cab technology at a cost of £14,000 a year for its refuse collection vehicles.

The new technology will give up to date information on rounds, which is essential for a growing city, and the current day’s collections will be on display in the vehicle.

Accurate real-time information will also be displayed in the customer service centre so that residents’ queries can be answered quickly and more accurately and information on assisted collections will be logged directly onto the system.

And in a bid to improve recycling rates across the city, there will be extra resources for the council’s recycling champions and the communications team to work with students and those living in houses in multiple occupancy to encourage more recycling.

Jean Swanson, Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Environmental and Waste Services said: “We have listened to our residents and we know that they see cleanliness as a priority.

“That’s why we are launching the rapid response team so that we can respond to issues quickly and flexibly when they arise, complementing the excellent work being done by our existing street cleaners.

“Cambridge is a city with a fast growing population and with huge numbers passing through and moving round our city generally it is inevitable that rubbish bins become full very quickly, public seating gets dirty and other issues arise.

“We are committed to improvements and we hope the new rapid response team and the latest technology we are introducing will help us to respond to issues quickly and keep our streets cleaner.”