Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Theatre Productions Raise The Curtain On Road Safety

Pupils from across Cambridgeshire will get the opportunity to take part in one of two theatre productions to teach youngsters about road safety.

Cambridgeshire County Council Road Safety Education Team is sponsoring a two week tour by two theatre companies which will be performed at schools between February 18 and March 22.

Courtroom, performed by the Tiny Giants Theatre Company, is an interactive play targeting key stage 2 pupils (7-11 years) and takes the entire audience into a hugely entertaining, larger than life courtroom.

Using the audience as jury members, the judge and lawyers go over events leading up to a road traffic accident and try to establish how this kind of event can be prevented in the future.

Courtroom allows the audience to think about road safety and reach their own verdict on what causes accidents and how they can be prevented. The play includes vital Road Safety messages relating to pedestrian safety and the use of seatbelts.

Car Story, by the Box Clever Theatre Company, is a play targeting key stage 2 pupils (7-11 years) and takes the audience through the journey to school with a parent that refuses to give up the car and a daughter that wants to walk to school with her friends.

The story encourages the audience to think about road safety and the journey to school plus health and the good of the environment.

Cambridgeshire County Council Cabinet Member for Community Infrastructure Councillor Tony Orgee, said: "Both plays include plenty of opportunity for the pupils to interact and think about road safety accidents, their causes and consequences.  Children learn more effectively about road safety through this type of events where they can come to conclusions themselves. We hope the plays have a positive effect on pupils use of the roads, whether as pedestrians, cyclists or as a car passenger."

Tour timetable below;

  • Mon 11th March, The Grove Primary, CB4 2NB
  • Mon 11th March, Bushmead Primary, PE19 8BT
  • Tues 12th March, Orchard Park Primary, CB4 2GR
  • Tues 12th March, Wilburton Primary, CB6 3RJ
  • Wed 13th March, Downham Feoffees Primary, CB6 2ST
  • Wed 13th March, Friday Bridge Primary, PE14 0HW
  • Thu 14th March, Bellbird Primary, CB22 3GB
  • Thu 14th March, Newton Primary, PE19 6TL
  • Fri 15th March, Bury Primary, PE26 2NJ
  • Fri 15th March, Monkfield Primary, CB23 5AX
  • Mon 18th March, Orchard Primary, PE13 3NP
  • Mon 18th March, Townley Primary, PE14 9NA
  • Tues 19th March, Fawcett Primary, CB2 9FS
  • Tues 19th March, Great Wilbraham Primary, CB21 5JQ
  • Wed 20th March, Fen Ditton Primary, CB5 8SZ
  • Wed 20th March, Vine Interchurch Primary, CB23 6DY
  • Thu 21st March, St Matthews Primary, CB1 2LD
  • Thu 21st March, ELM PRIMARY, PE14 0AG
  • Fri 22nd March, Willingham Primary, CB24 5LE
  • Fri 22nd March, Gorefield Primary, PE13 4NB