Tuesday, 19 February 2013

2014 European Parliament Seat Distribution

The vote of the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament supported efforts by ALDE MEPs aimed at correcting the worst anomaly in the original proposal of the two rapporteurs (Trzaskowski-Gualtieri) on the apportionment of seats at the next elections in 2014. The Liberals and Democrats argued that to have a two seat gap between Hungary and Sweden on the basis of a difference of population of 475,000 was unjust.

Andrew Duff's proposal that at the next constitutional Convention, likely in 2015, the EU should agree on a fair, durable and transparent arithmetical formula for the distribution of seats was also accepted.

Commenting, Mr Duff said:"This is the first time, thanks to the Lisbon treaty, that Parliament has had to initiate a decision as to its own composition. The proposal is pragmatic and as fair as can be in the circumstances.

"The Council will be unable to improve on this deal. We should finalise the agreement in as short a time as possible to allow states to prepare for these important elections."