Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bar Hill Parish Council - Planning Committee Meeting

Here's the agenda for today's Planning Meeting - any comments let me know;

1. To receive apologies for absence and declaration of interest
2. To approve minutes of Planning Committee Meetings held on 13.12.12 and 24.01.13
3. Matters for discussion and decisions to be made from previous minutes
3.1 SCDC – Rob Mongovan attending meeting to discuss stream and balancing lake
a) Extent of tree works and placement of cut material
b) Appointment of tree surgeon – cost agreement by day rate, start date 18th or 25th February?
c) Explanation of topographical survey of stream
d) Erection of notices informing public of tree work
e) Cost of topographical survey (selection of 2 quotes) what will we do with information?
f) Completion of SCDC grant application
g) Community work day, meet point, toilets, bad weather, risk assessment, Cambridge Conservation Volunteers, publicity, burning of wood, refinement of task and involvement of young people
3.2 Farmhouse – reply from Robinson & Layer with regard to possible new tenant
4. Planning Applications: There are no applications to inspect for this meeting
5. Planning Decisions:-
23 Viking Way (Ace Finish) – Change of use from B1 to B2 and installation of 4 external
extract/intake vents on to roof (SCDC granted permission)
6. Items for Information
Date for next Litter Picking Day
Wildlife Enhancement Scheme – SCDC initiative
SCDC – renewal of trading consent (burger van at Village Hall)
Erection of fencing at 77 Pheasant Rise
Revisit of moving of wall at 11 Acorn Avenue