Monday, 4 February 2013

BHA: Let's Celebrate!

Throughout our lives there important milestones that we want to mark - births, marriages and partnerships, anniversaries, deaths. Time and ageing is something we can't avoid and through the year we set markers for ourselves to celebrate and recognise the passage of time (a pinch a punch for the first of the month, birthday invitations, or even just the annual watching of Eurovision). There are both personal and national events and dates to participate in, but what they have in common is that all of them enable us to gather together, share experiences, or reflect on the significance of events in the lives we lead.

Not all the things we celebrate are happy occasions, and not all anniversaries we mark are welcome, but life and the way we live it is made all the more meaningful by these ups and downs.

As humanists we don't have any particular holidays, but far from being something that limits us in this collective recognition of time and achievement, it also frees us to celebrate anything we care to in a way that is most meaningful to us. For example, this month is Charles Darwin's birthday, and humanist groups across the country have a tradition of recognising the important contribution he made to science and our understanding of the world around us.

In honour of Darwin Day the BHA is holding the annual Darwin Day lecture in London on the topic of Molecular Evolution. Join us to celebrate the publication of one of the most significant scientific theories of the last 160 years. Tickets are available here.

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