Thursday, 28 February 2013

FEB-2013: The Better Bus Area Fund (BBAF) And Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) Update

What has been happening this quarter?
The Babraham Road Park & Ride site extension has now been completed, creating an extra 500 car parking spaces. The construction included widening the exit road, constructing an alternative drop off point and installing lighting & CCTV.

The conversion and introduction of new Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) displays using General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)  technology (which has better coverage than radio-based PMR) is gathering pace, with four displays on Drummer Street & Parkside already installed and further displays on Regent Street and Bridge Street to be completed soon. Trials have also started using GPRS units on Whippet and Stagecoach buses since the end of January.

Stagecoach service extensions linking Ramsey and Chatteris with The Busway are now open for business and helping more people get into Cambridge.

What is coming up?
The project to reduce bus delays in St Andrews Street, Cambridge saw two very productive stakeholder workshops before Christmas. The clear favourite option for stakeholders, of using the Drummer Street taxi rank as a feeder rank for St Andrew’s Street, will be taken to public consultation in March.

Trials using audio equipment, which announce to bus users which stop is coming up, will start in April on selected Whippet and Stagecoach buses that use The Busway.

What has been happening this quarter?
70 new cycle racks have gone in at Trumpington Park and Ride, double height cycle parking has been installed at Cambridge station, and more cycle racks have been fitted at the Busway stop in Swavesey, and Oakington Primary School. A further 160 cycle stands have been installed through the ‘Park that Bike’ scheme at local businesses and in community areas and more are planned at Waterbeach train station and Netherhall School

Improvements have been made to; a 150m shared foot and cycle path from Foster Road to The Busway cycle track; a 200m shared path which links Foster Road to Alpha Terrace and Fawcett Primary school; and to the cycle lane in Bateman Street, which links Trumpington Road to Panton Street.

Improvements are currently being made to the Thicket path, which links Houghton, Wyton and St Ives, with a new smooth all-weather surface. Work should be completed by the end of March.

Solar stud lights are currently being installed along the Busway maintenance track between Orchard Park and St Ives, helping the many cyclists and pedestrians who use it to see better in the dark.

Two bikes were donated to the All Ability Cycling group this month and officially handed over by Councillor Martin Curtis, the County’s Cycling Champion. The aim of the ‘All Ability’ cycling project is to create an all-inclusive ‘club’ at a safe off-road facility where people with and without disabilities can take part and cycle together as part of their community.

Since the LSTF award at end of May 2012 Travel for Work (TfW) have had 11 meetings with employers and had 14 new employers join the TfW network, meaning that they can reach 3000 extra staff! They have held 8 events since November with over 500 people in attendance, all working to encourage greener travel to and from work.

What is coming up?
The Cycle Challenge – Grab your bike and compete against other companies to see who can get the most members of staff to ride a bike for at least 10 minutes! Starting in May, it will last for 3 weeks and encourage companies all over Cambridgeshire to get on their bike.

Ten events for the ‘Cambridgeshire Festival of Cycling’ are planned to start in April running through to June right across the county. The events are jointly funded with the County’s Road Safety team and activities will include a bike try out show, free bike maintenance and a smoothie-bike.

Work on the Milton to Landbeach cycle path should start in the spring, which will improve access to the local Research Park.

The deadline for applications for funding for electrical vehicle charging points passed at the end of January. The applications are now being assessed and work will start shortly to install the charging points at businesses and car parks around the County.

Say hello to…
November saw new starter Bess Sayers, Paul Watkinson, Richard Hampton, Kelsey Collins, and Stewart Slaymaker join the Travel for Work team to support local businesses in encouraging more sustainable travel to and from work.

Aaron Blowers, Susan Rooke and Rikki Parsons joined the Cycling Projects Team in November to assist in the delivery of LSTF projects, and Paul Rawlinson joined the team in February as a Project Manager.

John Stanley and Stuart Duncan have joined us as Sustrans Bike It Officers to cover the Ely and Huntingdonshire areas. They work closely with 12 schools each and organise bike lessons, activities, and promotions. They then put in place a cycle champion to take the project forward.