Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Have Your Say: Improving Traffic Flow On St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge

St Andrew’s Street, in the centre of Cambridge, is one of the busiest streets in the city. Although access is restricted to most motor traffic, it is used by a large number of buses, delivery vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and taxis.

What are the problems? 
The main focus for taxis is the rank in the lay-by in St Andrew’s Street. Often this rank is full and taxis sometimes queue onto the road to wait for space on the rank to become free.  This has led to complaints, adds to congestion in the area and reduces safety for others.

Over-ranking causes a number of issues:

  • obstructing wider vehicles, such as buses and emergency vehicles, passing along the road, 
  • narrowing the road space, leading to safety concerns, 
  • delaying buses from getting to and from stops, 
  • obstructing the pedestrian crossing point between the Lion Yard and Christ’s Lane, forcing pedestrians to cross between parked cars. 

What are the proposals? 
The County Council is proposing to keep the taxi rank at St Andrew’s Street as it is, but prevent taxis from queuing onto the road should the taxi rank be full. Instead, taxis should wait at the under-used taxi rank around the corner on Drummer Street until a space becomes available in St Andrew’s Street. Detectors would then send information that space is available to taxis waiting in Drummer Street via a variable message sign.

Operational arrangements will be agreed with taxi drivers to ensure they travel to St Andrew’s Street via Drummer Street. The Drummer Street rank will also serve as a normal taxi rank, with taxis being available for hire. This feeder rank will also reduce the need for customers to go to St Andrew’s Street to hire a taxi.

How the proposals developed 
To help improve accessibility and safety in the St Andrew’s Street area, options were discussed at two workshops last autumn with a range of stakeholders whose input has helped to shape the proposals outlined here. Options considered included closing the St Andrew’s Street taxi rank.

However, it was recognised that easy access to taxi services in the city centre is vital for supporting the local economy and helping those with restricted mobility. It was agreed that the rank should be kept, but that much better use should be made of the Drummer Street taxi rank, and that over-ranking taxis should be removed.

Please note, the timescales below are indicative and may be subject to change.
Consultation 4 – 22 March 2013
Implementation Autumn 2013

Funding – Better Bus Area Fund (BBAF) 
The scheme will cost about £30,000 and will be funded by the Better Bus Area Fund.

The Department for Transport awarded the County Council £1.724million through the BBAF, a programme focusing on improving bus facilities in and around Cambridge. The money will be used to improve bus journeys, making travelling by bus more attractive and reducing pollution in Cambridge. The schemes will also help improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians, encouraging more people to walk or cycle. Making it easier to get in and around Cambridge should also help boost the local economy and encourage jobs.

The BBAF schemes are delivered in partnership with South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridge City Council, Stagecoach East and Whippet Coaches Ltd.

Have your say 
Let us know your comments on the proposals via:
Post: Major Infrastructure Delivery team, Cambridgeshire County Council,
CC1211, Castle Court, Cambridge CB3 0AP
Phone: 01223 699906

Your feedback will help us improve our plans and shape the final scheme. Please let us
have any feedback by Friday, 22 March 2013.

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