Monday, 25 February 2013

Maple Surgery Change of Contractor

Your local Parish Councillors have been updated regarding the competitive tendering process in relation to our local Health Centre. Here is the announcement;

"We are writing to inform you that following a competitive tender process NHS Cambridgeshire has awarded the Maple Surgery contract to Malling Health Ltd. This will become effective from 6th April. The current contractors, the Acorn Partnership will cease to caretake the Maple Surgery from 5th April 2013.

NHS Cambridgeshire is committed to ensuring continuity of care for all patients registered with the practice, therefore all services and clinics operating from the Maple Surgery will continue as normal. The appointment of the new contractor will lead to stable service provision for patients in this surgery for the next five years.

Two patient representatives from the Maple Surgery assisted NHS Cambridgeshire with the process and participated in the bidder interviews and evaluations. Their contribution to the process and decision making was highly valued and greatly appreciated.

The procurement process was undertaken following the European Union procurement guidelines and the Department of Health’s procurement framework and was supported by the East of England’s Collaborative Procurement Hub to ensure the process was fair, open and transparent, enabling the PCT to secure the best provider of services and value for money for the patients of the Maple Surgery.

Yours sincerely
Sue Stephenson
Project Support Manager / Primary Care Service Improvement Manager"

If you have any questions, about either the process or Malling Health Ltd, please let me or one of the other Parish Councillors know.