Monday, 4 February 2013

Minister Visits Site Of New Station

Rail Minister, the Rt Hon Simon Burns has met with Council Chiefs today and visited the site of the new Cambridge Science Park railway station.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Nick Clarke, Leader of the Council met with the Rail Minister to discuss the scheme in more detail and view the site in person.

Amongst the topics for discussion were the designs and passenger forecasts as well as the franchise and finance agreements that the County Council will need to make with the Department for Transport (DfT) and Network Rail (NR).

Cambridgeshire County Council's plans for the station are well under way and a planning application for the scheme is due to be submitted next month.

The Council forecasts that the station will be used by a minimum of 3100 passengers per day in 2016, of which 1500 will be existing rail users switching to the new station, and 1600 will be new passengers.

It has been agreed that if the revenue exceeds the cost of the station then the train companies will serve the station. It is currently assumed that this will be at least a minimum train service on the line of the existing services plus one additional train per hour to and from London, which will give a half hourly service to and from King's Cross.

The Rt Hon Simon Burns, Rail Minister, said: "This was a productive and informative visit. This is an interesting scheme that could deliver real benefits, both in Cambridge and beyond. We need to make sure we get the best possible value for money and a good deal for the taxpayer."

Cambridgeshire County Council Leader Nick Clarke, said: "The Minister's visit today was extremely worthwhile and we are both committed to delivering a high quality transport interchange by 2015. The Minister's coming here to view the details of scheme in person demonstrates the value the DfT have put on Cambridgeshire's part in boosting growth and leading the UK back to economic health.

"The new station will increase the attractiveness of the nationally important technology cluster in north Cambridge, all of which will be within one hour of London and 20 minutes closer to the rest of the world. This is important both for the local economy but also for the national economy as these engines of growth compete with other locations worldwide."