Saturday, 16 February 2013

Swavesey Neighbourhood Profile Update Feb 2013

Here is the update from the Histon Neighbourhood Policing Team for the meeting on 19th February @ 19:30 (Swavesey Primary School);

Neighbourhood Profile Update

Here's the relevant section in relating to Bar Hill Division (both Bar Hill and Girton Wards);

Bar Hill Ward (Bar Hill, Boxworth, Dry Drayton, Lolworth)

There have been a total of 54 crimes reported in Bar Hill in the last period. 18 of these relate to Tesco, 10 relate to Swavesey services and 4 relate to Menzies hotel leaving 20 other crimes reported. There have been two shed burglaries and one dwelling burglary; there was also a non dwelling burglary at Dry Drayton primary school.

One incident relates to a joint investigation with trading standards, this is in relation to two males knocking on the victims door offering guttering work telling them that they needed it doing, agreeing a fee and then later increasing it without any evidence of work being completed.

There have been three reports of lead flashing stolen from dwellings and one attempt theft of lead flashing both on dwellings in Bar Hill.

Over this period there have been 26 reports of anti-social behaviour, 4 relate to Tesco. Several relate to a neighbour dispute.  The rest are not linked.

Girton Ward

Dwelling burglaries have reduced from 8 to 1 compared to last year. Over the last period there have been 17 reported crimes. Six shed burglaries whereby power tools were stolen, and one garage burglary, one dwelling burglary, and the Glebe School was broken into however nothing was stolen. One warning was issued for possession of cannabis which has arisen from a proactive stop search by an officer. A vehicle was reported stolen which had been parked on a private driveway.

There have been no reports of violent crime, cycle thefts or criminal damage.

A total of 10 reports of anti-social behaviour have been taken, 2 of these relate to an ongoing neighbour issue which is jointly being investigated with SCDC. The other reports are not linked.

Feb 2013 Histon Neighbourhood Panel Update