Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tesco Application For New Premises License (24-Hour Licensing)

Following Tesco's application for a new premises license (a poor quality photo of which is to the right) the clarification below was received from South Cambridgeshire District Council in relation to the application;

"Tesco have submitted a new premises licence application form relating to the store on the Bar Hill site.  The schedule of the application contains times relating to the (off) sale of alcohol and proposed opening times.
I understand that licence number SCDCPL0141 currently relates to the store and allows for alcohol to be sold 24 hours a day. (This licence is displayed inside the door of the Barhill store on public view.)  The opening hours of the premises are detailed as;
Monday 08:00am – Midnight
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Midnight – Midnight
Saturday Midnight – 10:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm
The current application does not change the permissions with respects to alcohol sales, however does request for 24 hour opening of the premises.
The schedule includes the measures that the store have in place to promote the licensing objectives.  Written within schedule M is a statement relating to staff training with respects to alcohol sales, reference to the Challenge 25 ID scheme in operation (a nationally recognised scheme), the intention to continue to use CCTV to cover areas of the store and a statement that the store will ‘welcome the opportunity to liaise with Police and Enforcement authorities should the need arise.’ 
Conditions will be interpreted from this section in accordance with the applicant’s intentions to promote the four objectives, a process that the Licensing Manager will oversee, should the application be successful.
Anybody wishing to view the full application form, including the operating schedule and plan may do so at the Council Offices.  Representations regarding the application must be received by 1st March 2013."