Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Textile and Shoe Reuse/ Recycling Collection Trial

As you may have noticed a few weeks back when our bins were collected we were left with a new blue bag (pictured on the left) which marked the start of the textile recycling scheme in South Cambridgeshire.

The scheme, which is currently on trial in 9 villages - this includes Dry Drayton but not Lolworth or Boxworth (or Girton) - across the district allowing you to dispose of textiles (coats, jackets, children's clothing, bedding, etc) and shoes in a way other than in the black bin.

This additional waste will then be collected and sorted and those items that can be sent for re-use will be and everything else will be recycled.

If you'd like more information on the scheme there is information on the South Cambridgeshire District Council website;

The new blue bag is collected at the same time as the Blue/ Green bins and will continue, according to the website, "until future notice".

Given the large number of charity bags that come through the door I can imagine that there are a lot of people who will find this new service useful not to mention it will turn into a good source of revenue for the District Council (see this, admittedly 2009, article from the Guardian).

Not to mention that this will further cut down black-bin waste!

Here's the guide to what the service can take (from the leaflet);