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UTC: University Technical College - Opening 08-SEP-2014

Cambridge is about to get a new University Technical College (UTC) which will open in 2014. The details (from their brochure) are below;

"The UTC Cambridge will be a new centre of excellence for Biomedical and Environmental Science and Technology (BEST). It will:

  • create the next generation of scientists and technologists who will work on industry-relevant projects to develop innovative new ways of thinking that could change the way we live
  • offer young people a unique opportunity to get a head start in developing the skills required for exciting and rewarding careers in the fast-moving biomedical and environmental industries.

Many of the world’s largest and most successful research facilities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are located in Cambridge, allowing our students to learn from leading scientists in research and development.

UTC Cambridge Vision

The UTC Cambridge will support the further expansion of the region’s world-leading biomedical science and technology through the education of young people in the context of the scientific work of local biomedical and biotech employers and their need for particular knowledge and skills in young recruits.

Many research institutes and biotech companies are working with the UTC to plan the curriculum, and have pledged support in the form of project design, masterclasses, visits, work experience and mentoring. Students specialising in environmental science will benefit from the growing cluster of Cleantech companies in and around Cambridge, producing products and services for a sustainable low-carbon future.

About University Technical Colleges

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) offer a unique opportunity for education and business to come together to develop the skills needed by industry. UTCs are sponsored by employers, university bodies and colleges and offer young people aged 14–19 an innovative, specialist education to the highest standard. 

UTCs combine practical and academic studies, integrating national curriculum requirements with technical and professional skills, providing strong progression routes into employment and higher education. Local and national employers have significant input into the UTC curriculum and provide active support and work experience for learners. 

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A new way to learn Science

The UTC Cambridge is an exciting new development for education in Cambridge, bringing together leading schools and colleges and some of the country’s best science and biotech employers, spearheaded by Cambridge University Health Partners and Cambridge Regional College. 

Our sponsors, which include Napp Pharmaceuticals, the Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, are at the heart of this innovation for young people in the region. They have committed their continued and full engagement with the curriculum and the success of the UTC to address their growing need for a well-informed, appropriately qualified, and highly skilled workforce that will help to secure their future growth and success. These same skills will also meet the needs of the wider science and technology industries both nationally and internationally. 

The Curriculum

Students will benefit from an ambitious curriculum, combining breadth and depth to develop well-rounded individuals with a range of options for their future learning and careers. The whole day will revolve around specialist science learning. 

Learning will combine academic, technical and professional subjects delivered in an integrated and contextualised way by a professional, well-qualified and experienced delivery team of teachers, lecturers and practitioners, supported by employers and university/college lecturers where appropriate. 

In Years 10 and 11 (14–16) learning will be split 40% technical and 60% academic and enrichment. In Years 12 and 13 (16–18) it will be 60% technical and 40% academic and enrichment. 

The learning will be led through a series of employer-driven Challenge Projects, providing real hands-on experience as well as theory. 

These rich specialist experiences will be enhanced by time dedicated to creativity, physical education, moral and spiritual development, and entrepreneurial skills. 

Qualifications offered will include GCSEs (including a full EBacc), BTECs, A Levels and employer-approved technical and professional qualifications. 

The UTC Cambridge’s main aim is to prepare young people for the workplace, and a typical teaching day will usually run from 8.30am to 5pm. 

It will operate a five-day week, 40 week teaching year, which will be organised into three terms. 


As a fully comprehensive mixed-ability UTC, young people will follow personalised programmes that fit their individual needs and meet or exceed their career aspirations. They will learn in a caring but challenging community where high standards of behaviour and commitment will be rewarded with the best and most exciting opportunities for achievement and successful progression. 

The UTC Cambridge will open in September 2014 with places for 125 14 year-olds (Year 10) and 210 16 year-olds (Year 12), and average class sizes of around 23 learners. It will fully comply with the School Admission Code. 


Opening in September 2014, the UTC Cambridge will have a new purpose designed building at the gateway to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus on Robinson Way, located on the Long Road 6th Form College campus, subject to DfE approval and planning permission. Learners will also study at the SmartLIFE Low-Carbon Centre at Cambridge Regional College’s campus on the Cambridge Science Park."

More details on the curriculum are below;

Cambridge UTC: KS4 and KS5 Programme
The original leaflet (from which most of this text comes) is available here (via Google Drive).