Tuesday, 19 March 2013

County Council 26/03/13 - Written Question from Cllr Andy Pellew (Street Lighting)

The following question was in response to a very interesting meeting I had with King's Hedges Guides at the Red Hen Project on Northfield Avenue;

"King's Hedges Guides, as part of the national Go For It! Streets ahead project, have just completed a survey of members of the public regarding broken street lights within their neighbourhood and the effect this can have on peoples behaviour. While unscientific this survey highlighted the impact broken street lights can have on transport patterns with almost 1/3 of people reporting that they felt vulnerable when passing through an area with a broken street light, and a vast majority (over 90%) of people considering taking an alternative (longer) route to avoid an area without street lighting.

Those taking part in the survey were then asked how longer it should take, after a broken street light has been reported, before it is fixed. This was an open-ended question and those being asked could pick any time they liked.

Their responses were;

- Next Day 39%
- 2 days 11%
- 3 days 11%
- 4 days 6%
- a week 33%

Given the clear expectation of members of the public that broken street light should be fixed within a week can I ask the relevant cabinet member;

a) what the figures are across Cambridgeshire regarding the speed of repairs (including any targets that are currently set),
b) whether he is aware of any similar studies being conducted, and
c) what effort the County Council has made to communicate with local residents regarding setting expectations for the repair of broken street lights"