Tuesday, 19 March 2013

County Council 26/03/13 - Written Question from Cllr Andy Pellew (Open Source Software)

I have asked the following question in response to recent changes in government procurement in favour of Open Source software;

"For the first time the Coalition Government has mandated a preference for "open source" software in Government procurement (see Government Service Design Manual - https://www.gov.uk/service-manual). The manual actually goes further than ever before in that proprietary product usage must only be used in "rare" circumstances.

The "Open Source Options for Government" document (April 2012) lists the benefits of Open Source as lower procurement costs, no license costs, interoperability, easier integration and customisation, fewer barriers to reuse, conformance to open technology and open standards giving autonomy over your own information, and freedom from vendor lock in (Context, Point 2 in the document).

What open Source Software does Cambridgeshire County Council use? What contributions, if any, has the County Council or its staff made to Open Source projects?

Given this new government mandate what efforts are the County Council making to increase their usage or open source software?"