Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fire Commander "Bailed" After Raising £500 For Charity

A Charitable fire commander has raised more than £500 for Ormiston Children and Families Trust.
Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service's Area Commander Rick Hylton was arrested for the heinous crime of wearing his wife's tights on the football pitch as part of the Ormiston Jail and Bail event on Tuesday (March 26).

He was "arrested" and taken to Cambridge Crown Court to stand in front of Judge Gareth Hawkesworth. Despite pleading his innocence he was handed the sentence of wearing tights and a tutu to his next six football games.

Rick, along with 16 other Cambridgeshire faces, was then held captive for the day while he plugged social media, friends and family to try and raise as much money as possible for the charity.
Thanks to the support of colleagues, friends and the public, he managed to collect more than £500 as well as securing a live radio interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's Jeremy Sallis show talking about the event and the great work of the charity.

Rick said: "The day was great fun and all in aid of a very valuable and worthwhile cause. Ormiston really opened my eyes to the reality facing some young people in the county.

"One thing Ormiston representatives said that really stuck with me was that some children cannot choose what families and circumstances they are born into, but Ormiston is there to help the most vulnerable in our society."

The group of 17 criminals collectively raised more than £20,000 - the most amount of money the charity has ever raised from a single fundraising event.

The event was organised by Julie Spence, former Chief Constable for Cambridge Constabulary and now an Ormiston Trustee. She said: "I cannot thank the participants enough for their support at the Jail & Bail; their enthusiasm, sense of fun and sheer exuberance for the event and the charity made it an extraordinarily valuable day, not just because of the amount of money raised but because it helped to raise the profile of Ormiston too.

"Thanks to our 'criminals', there are now hundreds of people who know the name 'Ormiston' who didn't know about us before and weren't aware of the important and difficult work we do with some of the most challenged children and families not just in Cambridgeshire, but across the whole of East Anglia. They money raised will go towards supporting these young people and will help to ensure that Ormiston can continue to deliver its vital work across the region."

In Cambridgeshire Ormiston supports children and families affected by imprisonment, runs two children's centres in March and Chatteris, delivers a Travellers Health Advocacy Project and offers a range of parenting support programmes.