Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Rogue Salesmen Ring Alarm Bells For Cambridgeshire Residents

Cambridgeshire Trading Standards are warning residents to beware of trickster alarm sellers after a number of complaints about their activities.

In each case underhand tactics have been used to persuade victims to agree to the supply and installation of a burglar alarm at their home. Victims are often cold called with an offer of special rates or even a free alarm as an installer is in the area.

Once the salesman has been allowed in to a home they then induce the occupier into agreeing to a contract by making further false and misleading claims - for instance that they can have a maintenance contract at half price if agreed on the day.

Some victims have also been told that they have already verbally agreed the contract so cannot cancel it and unauthorised deposits may be taken from a credit or debit card.

Another tactic is that the alarm is delivered or fitted the same day, in an attempt to dupe the consumer into believing they cannot cancel the contract. In fact by law consumer have seven days to cancel a contract made in their own home where the goods or services are worth £35 or more.

Advice from Trading Standards Offices is never to buy from or sign an agreement with cold callers without obtaining quotes from other suppliers and taking advice from family and friends who have bought similar goods or services.

Anyone who thinks they may have been subject to inappropriate or unlawful sales tactics can call Citizens Advice Consumer service on 08454 040506 or for business advice and support contact 0345 0455206.