Monday, 25 March 2013

Save The 17 Bus!

Last year the extreme rural Conservatives who run the County Council cut 100% of the funding for the no 17 bus service, along with other bus services across the entire County.

The number 17 provided a vital service which connected Fen Road, in East Chesterton, with Cambridge City Centre.

As a gesture of goodwill Stagecoach agreed to continue to run the service for a year on a reduced frequency, to see if it could be made commercially viable. That trial period is about to end, and Andy Campbell, Stagecoach’s local executive, is likely to call time on this service.

Unfortunately it gets worse. There is no guarantee that other local buses will be rerouted to fill the void.

In short, part of East Chesterton could potentially be left without a bus service.

Older people who want to get to town, or to the hospital, would lose their independence. It would make getting to college or work more difficult for many of our young people.

Easy Chesterton County Councillor Ian Manning explains: "I have teamed up with local resident Vera Symes to campaign for the Fen estate area (Fen Road and roads off it) to keep our bus service, in one form or another.

Vera has told me how she will find life much more difficult without this bus service.

If enough local people sign our petition this will put pressure on the Shire Hall Conservatives to stop these cuts, or at the very least to provide a replacement service that takes people to town.”

You can sign online here: