Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A14 Histon And Girton Improvement Welcomed By Lib Dems

Plans to add an additional lane to the A14 between the Histon and Girton junctions have been welcomed by the Liberal Democrats.

They hope the move will help to improve safety on a stretch of the road which has seen numerous accidents and contributed to delays and congestion.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor, David Jenkins, who represents Cottenham, Histon and Impington said: “This is a positive development; a small improvement that is very welcome.

“This is a dangerous stretch of road and I have been campaigning for years to get something done. Hopefully, this improvement will help to cut the accident rate in this area.”

His ward colleague, Cllr Sue Gymer’s husband Richard was in an accident on the Girton interchange just before Christmas.

She said: “Thankfully he wasn’t injured but the car was a write-off. The accident caused big delays on the road and served to highlight just how unsafe this road can be. News of this improvement is extremely welcome and long overdue.

“But any further improvements must include mitigation for noise, light and air pollution - this is already designated an Air Quality Management Area by South Cambs.

Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert said: “I welcome this news; it’s a sensible option for a stretch of road that causes untold problems not only for motorists travelling on it but also for those living round it.

“Every time there is an accident on this stretch of the A14 traffic is diverted through Cambridge and its villages; this causes delays and congestion.

“We need this type of safety improvement along this road - I argued for this years ago. It is a shame urgent upgrades have waited so long because some people wanted a 10 lane superhighway.”