Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bar Hill Parish Council Planning Meeting - Tomorrow @ 1:30

Here's the agenda for tomorrows planning meeting;

1. To receive apologies for absence and declaration of interest
2. To approve minutes of Planning Committee Meetings held on 14.02.13
3. Matters for discussion and decisions to be made from previous minutes
3.1 Farmhouse – update
3.2 The Willows – letter from Ginn & Co
4. Planning Applications
4.1 Proposed roadside services – Trinity Foot, Swavesey
4.2 La Salle Investment Management – Units 12, 13, 17 and 18 Trafalgar Way – new roof covering
5. Planning Decisions:
There were no notifications of planning decisions for this meeting
6. Items for Information 

Public and press are invited to attend, if you have any comments you'd like raised let me know.