Friday, 26 April 2013

Cambridge Cycling Campaign Questionnaire

When you stand of election you get sent all manor of things in the post. If you stand for election in and around Cambridge one of those things will be a questionnaire from the Cambridge Cycling Campaign that is attempting to elicit the candidates views on cycling.

Those candidates that complete the questionnaire get an immediate audience of members of the Cycling Campaign who, all other things being equal, will vote based on the candidates responses.

The full questionnaire is available here;

You can switch to see other divisions should you choose to do so.

Looking specifically at Bar Hill the candidates are;
  • Lord Ian BROUGHALL  (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
  • Norman Alexander CROWTHER  (Labour Party)
  • Helene Yvette DAVIES-GREEN  (UK Independence Party)
  • Andy PELLEW  (Liberal Democrat)
  • John Edward REYNOLDS  (Conservative Party)
  • Teal RILEY  (Green Party)
In Bar Hill Labour, UKIP, and Conservatives all refused to take part in the survey. I'm a little surprised Labour weren't interested (but they were running a candidate from outside the division) but clearly UKIP and the Tories took the view that they were unlikely to win any votes by completing this survey and chose not too - or maybe they just took the view that the survey didn't matter. Who knows? Frankly I spent about 10 minutes completing the survey and it's difficult to see that the other candidates were too busy to find 10 minutes to do the same!