Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Unlock Democracy: Lobbying Register in Queen's Speech?

After the local elections next month, the Queen will be announcing the government’s legislative plan for the next session of parliament. We want to make sure this plan includes the long promised legislation for a lobbying register in her speech.

But this might not happen. Despite repeated reassurances and a commitment in the coalition agreement, the government has been dragging its feet. When asked if legislation for the lobbying register will be in the next Queen’s Speech last week, the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg would only say the government will publish its proposals “in due course” [1]. Will you write to your MP today to get them to put pressure on the government?

Write to your MP

Unlock Democracy supporters tell us that lobbying reform is their top priority right now [2]. It is crucial that the legislation for a lobbying register is given parliamentary time in the next parliamentary session. If it is delayed by another year, there is a strong possibility it will

It’s time the Cabinet Office got their act together and made a decision. With House of Lords reform off the agenda, they really have no excuse for not making more progress.

We need have a better idea about lobbying activity, especially during this time of economic uncertainty. How and why sets its spending and policy priorities have never been more important. The UK’s lobbying industry is estimated to be worth £2bn annually; surely that money is not all going to waste?

You can help us get to the bottom of this simply by writing to your MP and asking them to ask the minister in charge Chloe Smith for an assurance that the legislation to establish the lobbying register will be in the Queen’s Speech next month. We’ve built a simple tool to help you do this; it should just take you a couple of minutes:

Click here to get started

Your action will help keep up the pressure on the government to make sure they stick to their promises. Thank you very much for your help.

With best wishes,

Peter Facey
Director, Unlock Democracy


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