Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bar Hill Parish Council Meeting - 16th May 2013

The agenda has now been published for the next meeting;

Open Forum
1. To nominate Chair and Vice-Chair for the forthcoming year
2. To receive apologies for absence and any declaration of interest
3. Approval of minutes
To approve minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 18th April 2013
4. Matters for discussion and decisions to be made from Previous Minutes
4.1 Midas Care Ltd – Signing of lease agreement
4.2 The Farmhouse – update on new tenant and requirements
4.3 FOOTPATH Committee – update
4.4 Village Hall – update
4.5 Village Green – update
5. Clerks Financial Report
5.1 Approval of works by the Parish Council
5.2 Earmarked projects – update
5.3 Ongoing employment of Clerk’s assistant
5.4 Revised Code of Conduct – approval required
5.5 Approval and signature of Annual Return
5.6 Approval of accounts and payment of cheques for May
6. General Correspondence Received
6.1 12 Chestnut Rise – County Court Claims (information only)
6.2 County Council – Contribution towards grass cutting
6.3 Disposal of hazardous waste
6.4 Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme
6.5 Important Fire Service Information
6.6 Carillion WSP – A428 Tesco roundabout to Cambourne – improvement works
6.7 Help in the Community – offer by Costa Coffee
6.8 Cambridgeshire Youth Offending Service

7. Chairman’s Report
8. Committee Reports
a. Planning Committee  (MP)
b. Environment Committee (BW)
9. Other Reports
a. Cambridgeshire County Council (JR)
b. South Cambridgeshire District Council (BW/RH)
c. Any other reports
10. Items for Information

As always feel free to arrive early and address the meeting during the open forum, we always do our best to make people feel welcome!

If you have any issues you'd like me to raise on your behalf please let me know.

You can contact me either on my mobile, 07814 871752 or via email