Friday, 3 May 2013

Bar Hill Election Result 2013! (And Election Review)

So in what has been a pretty terrible result for the Conservatives (and the Liberal Democrats!) the result in Bar Hill was as follows;

Lord Ian Broughall (The Official Monster Raving Loony) 28 (1.1%)
Norman Alexander Crowther (Labour) 352 (13.6%)
Helene Yvette Davies-Green (UKIP) 570 (22%)
Andy Pellew (Liberal Democrat) 219 (8.5%)
John Edward Reynolds (Conservative) 1,175 (45.4%)
Teal Riley (Green) 242 (9.4%)

Looking at previous results despite a large drop off in votes (from the 2009 election, a high point for the Conservatives);

John Reynolds (Con) ................ -58.8%
Brian Bromwich (Lib Dem) ...........  -146.5%
Helen Davies-Green (UKIP) ..........  +59.%
Teal Riley (Green) .................  -32%
Christopher Jones (Lab) ............  +23.9%

As I'm sure you will have noticed on your doorsteps Bar Hill was a two horse race between UKIP and the Conservatives (as was, I guess, most of Cambridgeshire!). Looking at the various leaflets that have been put through my letterbox it was 2:1 in favour of UKIP.

The first leaflet, delivered on the 24th April, is here;

This leaflet is simply a "national" UKIP leaflet to which (presumably) Helen Davies-Green has added her stamp on the front page.

Are UKIP going to withdraw from *all* the international organisations we are part of? If they want to stop bailing countries they'll need to with draw from the IMF - the USA, not part of the EU as far as I'm aware, contributed to the Greek bailout (see here - WSJ Article).

Given the strength of UKIP following this election I sincerely hope that some of the claims in this leaflet are investigated by journalists prior to the next election!

Next came the Conservative leaflet;

This arrived on the 29th April. Apparently it shouldn't have been delivered to me (as I'm a Lib Dem). If you happen to receive any kind of political leaflet please upload it to the website;

It's vital these things are recorded, we need to keep track of what politicians are saying and what promises are being made in order to hold them to account. How else will you know if they've done what they said they will do?

The final leaflet to arrive was on the 30th April from UKIP;

This leaflet includes the fantastic pledges to "freeze taxes" and "spend on services". Literally right at the top.

It will be interesting to see, now Cambridgeshire has no overall control, what the new UKIP group (the third largest group behind the Lib Dems - ahead of Labour) actually does about implementing some of it's pledges.

Wind Turbines, for example, if correctly situated (i.e. in the middle of no-where) can act as a very valuable source of revenue for the County - something to help reduce the scale of the cuts. Apparently UKIP are going to be borrowing Labours magic-money-tree to sort this out ...

"Act on Crime" is also something I think it would be very hard for anyone to be against. Is there a political party that really believes we shouldn't be acting on crime?

Anyway, the one positive thing that will have come out of this result is that UKIP will be under a great deal more scrutiny in future!

There were, as far as I'm aware, no other pieces of election literature (if you know differently either drop it round to me at 9 Foxhollow, or scan it in upload it and send me a link!).

And finally I'd like to thank everyone who voted Liberal Democrat yesterday, it was - as I'm sure the papers will be highlighting - a pretty bad day for the party across Cambridgeshire and I'd like to thank you all for your support.

Andy Pellew