Friday, 31 May 2013

Green Jobs, Green Growth, Green Investment, Are What Liberal Democrats Are Delivering In Government

In the interview, he says: "The investments we're making in low-carbon energy infrastructure, whether it's wind, biomass engineering, solar, tidal or marine, they are all going to produce a lot of jobs.

"Green jobs, green growth, green investment, are what Liberal Democrats are delivering in Government. We've got to show that we've come up with new innovative ways to help people with their energy bills."

These include 'collective switching', which enables communities and co-operatives to save money by purchasing energy from supplier together. He also says the UK could see 60,000 people employed as part of it by 2015, as new grants help to create a market in energy efficiency and retrofitting homes.

"DECC runs a competition called Cheaper Energy Together and we've seen local councils and community energy groups bringing people together to experiment with this new way of buying energy," he says.

On the Coalition, he commented: "In the Coalition Agreement the Conservatives signed up to a lot of our green agenda, so I think it's fair to say that there are parts of the Conservative Party who are quite comfortable with it. But it's equally true to say there are some that aren't."