Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Let's Be Clear At 800 - 7th May Update

Here's this weeks update from the project;

at800 filters go public
Our campaign to make available “fit and forget” filters for domestic TV installations in advance of any possible interference from 4G transmissions is now under way in earnest.

Anyone who wants to know what the at800 “fit and forget” consumer filter looks like can download images from the at800 website.
Download at800 filter images.

This coincides with the first mass mailing of filters, which began last Monday (see below). Meanwhile we have announced details of the fourth trial, in Brighton, which will begin in mid-May.

Other updates on the website include a list of approved filters. Consumers who need additional devices will be able to buy them from high street stores and websites, including Maplin, from this month.

Fourth trial is most demanding test yet
From mid-May, Brighton will be the site of the fourth and most demanding test of at800 technology and procedures. Brighton was picked for the test because Freeview in the city is transmitted on frequencies particularly close to the 800 MHz frequencies used for 4G services. The trial will also be the first time at800 provides support to the elderly or those with a disability.
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Mass mailing of filters under way
Some 28,000 households in West London are being sent a free at800 filter through the post in the third major pilot of the programme to eliminate 4G interference to terrestrial digital TV, at800 has revealed.
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Details of approved filters
A range of approved filters is available for different situations, including separate devices to resolve interference on channel 59 and channel 60. Each filter is smaller than a pack of cards and will not need batteries or a power supply. We have tested each type of at800 filter to ensure it works correctly in the UK. Details of each approved filter are available at our website.
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Media coverage
80,000 homes in Brighton and Hove face 4G TV misery

Two out of three homes in Brighton and Hove could lose their TV signal because of new mobile phone interference, The Argus reports here.

4G interference to Freeview TV signals – you could be affected and out of pocket, Which? Tech Daily reports
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FAQ of the week
How will I know if my TV is affected?