Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Leader Voted In For Cambridgeshire County Council

Councillor Martin Curtis has been voted leader of Cambridgeshire County.

The vote was taken as part of today’s Council Meeting held at Shire Hall. Three nominees were put forward: Councillor Curtis (Conservative), Councillor John Hipkin (Independent Group) and Councillor Maurice Leeke (Liberal Democrat).

Two rounds of voting were held. The first round results were: Curtis 32 votes, Hipkin 16, Leeke 13 and 8 abstentions. The final round of voting results: Curtis 32, Hipkin 16, abstained 21.

Members also voted that the Council should change in a year’s time from the current cabinet system of governance to a committee system. This will now be looked at by the Constitution and Ethics Committee.

Councillor Curtis is the Group Leader of the Conservative party on Cambridgeshire County Council and local member for Whittlesey North.

He announced his cabinet:

  • Leader of the Council (with responsibility for Communications) - Councillor Martin Curtis
  • Deputy Leader of the Council (with responsibility for Highways and Community Infrastructure) - Councillor Mac McGuire
  • Cabinet Member for Adult Services - Councillor Fred Yeulett
  • Cabinet Member for Children and Young People's Services - Councillor David Brown
  • Cabinet Member for Education and Learning - Councillor David Harty
  • Cabinet Member for Enterprise and Skills - Councillor Mathew Shuter
  • Cabinet Member for Growth and Planning - Councillor Ian Bates
  • Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing - Councillor Tony Orgee
  • Cabinet Member for Resources and Performance - Councillor Steve Count

It was also announced by Councillor Curtis that he intends to set up four new Policy Advisory Groups linked to the priorities of the authority.

These are:

  • Developing local economy,
  • Helping people live healthy and independent lives,
  • Supporting and protecting vulnerable children, and
  • Supporting and protecting vulnerable adults