Friday, 28 June 2013

Cllr Sarah Brown Fights To Keep Mill Road Traffic Away From Homes

Cllr Sarah Brown
Leading Cambridge City Councillor, Sarah Brown is fighting to make sure traffic will not be sent through a residential street if a potential housing site in the city’s Mill Road is developed.

Cllr Brown, Executive Councillor for Community Wellbeing has objected to the idea put forward by Cambridgeshire County Council for the city council’s depot site.

It suggested that if homes were built on the site in the future access to the development should be via Hooper Street.

But the city council rejected the idea when drafting its Local Plan allowing Mill Road to be used as access to a future development

Cllr Brown, who represents Petersfield is worried, however, that the issue may raise its head again and claims the idea is “absurd”.

She told a full council meeting last night (Thursday, June 27): “I find it strange that the county council seems to think that an existing access which is in constant use by city council vehicles at all hours of the day would not be suitable for a level of traffic which would likely be lower than exists at present.

“However, that is a small thing when considered against the utter absurdity of sending all traffic for such a development down narrow roads such as Hooper Street, Sturton Street and York Street.

“I am glad to see that the draft Local Plan has sensibly rejected the county's suggestion. Accessing that site via the narrow streets in the north of Petersfield ward would be unsafe and entirely unfair to the people living there, and were such a scheme to come forward I would certainly be robust in representing the residents' concerns and opposing it.”

Cllr Brown added later: “I am extremely concerned that this won’t be the last we have heard of this idea and I am determined to make sure it never happens.

“At present, the site is accessed by Mill Road and it should stay that way. There is no justification for sending this traffic through residential streets.”