Friday, 14 June 2013

New Leisure Contractor Proposed For Cambridge City Council

In a report released today, officers at Cambridge City Council are to recommend that a contract to manage the City’s leisure facilities for the next seven years is awarded to Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL). The new contract will start on 30 September 2013.

A decision on the recommendation will be made by the Executive Councillor for Community Well-being, Councillor Sarah Brown, at the next meeting of the Council’s Community Services Scrutiny Committee which takes place on 25th June.

The process for awarding the new contract has taken a year and although the Council has made substantial investment in the facilities in recent years such as new changing facilities at both Parkside Pool and Abbey Pool, the new approach will aim to deliver further improvements.

The GLL bid offers major investment in a new gym and fitness facility at Parkside Pool, a first floor extension to the gym at Abbey Pool, initiatives to further reduce energy consumption and a leisure apprenticeship scheme. GLL also offers the Council a potential reduction to the current cost of the service.

Executive Councillor for Community Well-being, Sarah Brown said: “This report suggests some potentially very good outcomes for the City, including substantial investment into Council facilities and securing a good deal for the council tax payers of Cambridge. I look forward to discussion of this recommendation at the Committee.”

The report is available on the Council’s website. The meeting of the Community Service Scrutiny Committee is on Tuesday 25th June from 13:30 to 17:00. Please note this meeting will be held at Castle Street Methodist Church.