Friday, 7 June 2013

New Ray Of Hope As 1000th Solar Panel System Is Installed

South Cambridgeshire has seen its 1000th solar panel system installed to a Council-owned home this week and another thousand will follow in the next six months after a new deal was struck by energy bosses.

Despite a lull in recent activity, the Council’s partners, Savills Solar, cut a new deal and the Council is confident it can have 2,000 installations in place by the end of the year, helping even more residents go green and cut fuel bills.

Once a home is fitted with solar panels, tenants immediately reap the benefit of free electricity during the day and it is expected that in excess of £150 a year will be saved on fuel bills as well as cutting the carbon footprint.

The funders who are financing the project receive the feed-in tariff for every kilowatt of electricity generated and, despite recent cuts to the feed in tariff, it can work in South Cambridgeshire and won’t cost the Council a penny.

South Cambridgeshire District Council’s cabinet member for housing, Cllr Mark Howell, said: “To have 2,000 solar panels installed across 79 of our 105 villages will be fantastic news for people trying to make household budgets stretch further than ever and for the district’s green credentials.

“With each system generating an average 3.5kWh, we’ll be producing over 7000kWh of electricity per annum. This is a great step forward for us and is testament to the dedication of our officers and partner Savills Solar who, yet again, have found a way to push forward despite the Government’s feed-in tariff cuts last year which threatened the viability of the whole project.”