Monday, 17 June 2013

Parish Council Meeting - 20th June 2013

Here's the agenda for Thursday's meeting of Bar Hill Parish Council. As always if you have a view on anything please let me know and I'll raise the issue at the meeting.

The minutes (draft) of the previous meeting from 16th May are available here.


Open Forum
1. To receive apologies for absence and any declaration of interest
2. Approval of minutes
To approve minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 16th May 2013

3. Matters for discussion and decisions to be made from Previous Minutes
3.1 Midas Care Ltd – Signing of lease agreement
3.2 Farmhouse - update
3.3 FOOTPATH Committee – update
3.4 Village Hall – update
3.5 Village Green – update
3.6 Farmhouse Water Supply – possible contribution from SPARC
3.7 Earmarked Projects - update

4. Clerks Financial Report
4.1 Approval of works by the Parish Council
4.2 Ongoing employment of Clerk’s assistant
4.3 Donation Request Form – Bar Hill Preschool
4.4 Approval of Internal Audit
4.6 Approval of accounts and payment of cheques for June

5. General Correspondence Received
5.1 Cambridge Water – Credit for invoice for the amount of £2433.74
5.2 Letter to Tesco – litter and fence repairs
5.3 Letter to County Council – bus shelter repair at the Crematorium
5.4 SCDC – Planning Policy Monthly Update
5.5 Connections Bus – Term Report for January to March 2013
5.6 Carillion WSP – A14 Junction 31 (Girton) – repair works

6. Chairman’s Report

7. Committee Reports
a. Planning Committee  (MP)
b. Environment Committee (BW)

8. Other Reports
a. Cambridgeshire County Council (JR)
b. South Cambridgeshire District Council (BW/RH)
c. Any other reports

9. Items for Information