Friday, 26 July 2013

Cambridge MP Calls For End To Tasteless Immigration Billboards

MP Julian Huppert has called on the government to end its billboard campaign on illegal immigrants claiming it is “disproportionate and tasteless”.

He has written to Home Office Minister, Jeremy Browne after the Home Office launched a pilot scheme to target areas of London with billboards announcing that people who have entered the UK illegally should “Go home or face arrest”.

Julian, Co-Chair of the Home Affairs, Justice and Equalities Commission and a member of the Lib Dem Federal Policy Committee’s Immigration, Identity and Asylum working group fears the campaign could lead to increased tension and animosity within communities.

He welcomed a complaint about the billboards made to the Advertising Standards Authority and urged the government to bring the pilot to an end and discard the campaign.

“The billboards are both offensive and insensitive,” he said, “and I share the concerns which have been raised about how they could lead to increased tension and animosity within communities.

“The billboard tactic is disproportionate and tasteless. A campaign targeting illegal entrants to the UK is likely to draw suspicion on people who do have an entitlement to reside in the UK and it is deeply troubling that innocent citizens might be demonized as a result of the Home Office’s actions.”