Friday, 12 July 2013

Cambridge MP Named Internet Hero Of The Year

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert has been named Internet Hero of the Year for his stand against the controversial “Snooper’s Charter”.

Julian received the award last night (Thursday, July 11) at London’s Park Lane Sheraton Hotel after he was nominated by the public.

The competition organisers felt that Julian “was one of the few MPs that fully understands the internet and deserves recognition”.

He was recognised for “publicly leading the political opposition to the Communications Data Bill” after he served on the joint committee examining the proposals.  The committee concluded that the proposals were not appropriate, and this led to the Bill being killed off by Nick Clegg.

The competition is run by the Internet Service Providers Association, made up of internet providers large and small.

“I am delighted to receive this award,” said Julian. “It is clear that people feel very strong about upholding internet security and data privacy and it is vital that we protect that privacy so that ordinary people can use the internet without fear of being watched.”