Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Council Staff Face Pay Cuts But Review Of Management Pay Delayed

Cambridgeshire County Council staff are facing possible pay cuts to meet a £3 million saving on employment costs, but negotiations on management pay has been put on the back burner for the time being.

The move has angered the county’s Liberal Democrats who claim it is wrong for senior management to take themselves out of a process that the rest of the staff are facing.

Ian Manning, Lib Dem Resources Spokesperson said: “We all know savings have to be made but it isn’t good enough for management to tell their staff that they face an uncertain future without facing up to it themselves. That’s why we are calling for senior management to be included in this round of negotiations on pay and conditions.”

Staff received a letter from council Chief Executive, Mark Lloyd about the possibility of reductions in pay and conditions in order to meet a budgeted £3 million saving in employment costs. But management negotiations are regarded as a “longer term project”.

Cllr Manning claimed that as senior staff are not part of national pay agreements, there is more flexibility to change their pay and conditions.

A letter was sent to staff of Cambridgeshire County Council from Chief Executive Mark Lloyd on 2013-7-22 advising on the consultation process to implement staffing cuts of £3m.

The letter states: "In addition to this work we have also agreed with the Trade Unions to review the pay and grading structures for the management band grades and other senior pay grades. This is a longer term project and you will be kept up to date with union discussions."