Thursday, 4 July 2013

Parliament Prepares The Way For A Truly Pan-European Election In 2014

Welcoming the adoption today of his report on improving the organization of the 2014 European elections by the plenary session of the European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg, Andrew Duff Lib Dem MEP for the East of England believes that next year's election will be decisive for the future of Europe. This is why the report calls on European political parties to nominate their candidate for the presidency of the Commission early enough to enable them to mount an effective campaign on a European scale and focused on European issues. He also insists that political debates between the candidates be organized in the Member States.

Andrew Duff, the ALDE coordinator for the Constitutional Affairs Committee said: "Today MEPs showed that they intend to take seriously their new duty to elect the new Commission President. We are committed to fighting the election campaign on European issues with the parties led by champions who aspire to succeed Mr Barroso. This will personalise and dramatise the elections as never before, giving the voters a better idea of what is at stake in the European Parliament elections".

"It is now up to the European political parties to select their candidates and to compete openly for ideas, policies, votes and seats. National parties and parliaments must make space for the growth of a transnational political dimension."

"It came as no surprise that Conservative and UKIP members voted against the idea that ordinary members of the public should be make an informed choice on EU matters before they cast their ballot next May. Perhaps they would prefer the public not to know the unsavoury bedfellows that they have in the wider EU."

A copy of the report and its recommendations is available: