Tuesday, 30 July 2013

South Cambs Residents Give Bin Collections The Thumbs Up

Bin collections in South Cambridgeshire have been given a big thumbs up, with 97% of residents agreeing that the service is as good as, or better than, 12 months ago.

The South Cambridgeshire District Council satisfaction survey showed that, overall, 89% of residents are satisfied with the service, a one per cent increase from 2011.

Householders were also asked what could be done to improve the service, with the largest number of comments calling for an increase in the capacity of green and blue bins so that residents can recycle even more.

Asked about their local environment, dog poo not being picked up was highlighted as an issue of concern by 52% of respondents, however the majority of those who had reported incidents were satisfied with the Council’s response.

The survey was sent to 2,200 randomly selected residents, the Council’s consultation panel and was publicised on the council’s website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Cllr Mick Martin, lead councillor for environmental services at South Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “It’s great news that our residents are pleased with our bin collection service. The service is very much a partnership between us and every household, and has led to us having a consistently high recycling rate.

“If residents find that they have too much blue bin recycling, any extra can be put out in a separate container next to their bin which we will empty and return. We know there is always room to improve and we and our bin crews will continue to do just that to deliver the very best service we can.

“When it comes to dog fouling, we rely on residents to tell us where this is an issue. We can investigate persistent problems and are able to issue warnings and fixed penalty notices to irresponsible dog owners who fail to clear up after their dog. We’ll also look at whether there are enough dog poo bins available, although this can never excuse people not clearing up after their pet.”

South Cambridgeshire households have three bins – a green bin for compostable waste including garden cuttings and food, a blue bin for dry recyclables like paper, metal, glass and plastics and a black bin for non-recyclable rubbish. The blue and green bins are collected one week, with black bins collected the following week.

Residents who want to report persistent dog fouling problems in their local area can report it here: www.scambs.gov.uk/form-type/report-it