Thursday, 15 August 2013

Andy Murray's Mum Helps Young People Get Sporty

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray’s games with his mother Judy 20 years ago have formed the basis of family fun sports sessions in Cambridge next month.

The special sessions, for children aged 3 to 8, will take place at East Barnwell Community Centre on Saturday 7 September and illustrate how parents can use simple household objects to create fun games that help their children improve co-ordination, balance and agility, without the need for expensive kit or apparatus.

Mrs Murray, who launched Set4Sport two years ago, said: “I played games with sons Jamie and Andy almost as soon as they could walk. We didn’t know it then, but we were all taking part in the most basic of coaching sessions. Not only was it great fun, but it also helped them develop the co-ordination skills that would allow them to play any sport competently later in life.”

There are spaces for 48 children on the sessions, and 20 so far have been registered. Advance registration is required and anyone interested should contact Helen Hollebon on 07795 300785 or by email at

Mrs Hollebon said: “These sessions will fulfil a need inspired by events we have held in Abbey for more family fitness and sport. These activities being showcased can take place anywhere and will help children develop skills required for playing sport later in life.”

Set4Sport, now touring Britain, is supported by RBS bank.  Bruce Cook, Head of Group Sponsorship, said: “Primarily, this is about kids having fun in their family environment, but doing so in a way that develops core skills at the same time. The beauty of it is that any equipment needed for these games and exercises will almost certainly already be in your home.”

Set4Sport Co-ordinator Paul Regan said the tour supplied coaches to inspire as well as all the materials and equipment to play the games and parents would each get a copy of the book to encourage future sports play.

Mrs Hollebon, Cambridgeshire County Council’s project manager for East Barnwell’s community hub project added: “We are continuing to provide sports facilities for the area and are looking at ways of enhancing these through our plans to redevelop the centre as a hub.”