Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bar Hill Parish Council Meeting Agenda - 19th September 2013 ** TONIGHT **

Here's a reminder of the agenda for tonights Parish Council meeting. If you have anything you'd like me to raise (as your local Councillor) let me know.

The agenda has been circulated to Councillors and is included below. As always the "Open Forum" is an opportunity for anyone who wants to talk to the Council to come and have their say.

Open Forum
Visitors to Meeting
- Wiser Recycling Services – Paul Duggen
- Bar Hill First responder – David Bridgmen

1. To receive apologies for absence and any declaration of interest and to welcome Catherine Foley and Simon Munford as new Parish Councillors.

2. Approval of minutes
To approve minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 18th July 2013. The draft minutes are available here (via Google Drive) - I'm not expecting significant changes but other Councillors views my vary!

3. Matters for discussion and decisions to be made from Previous Minutes
3.1 Midas Care Ltd – update
3.2 Farmhouse – update
3.3 Skate park - update

4. Clerks Financial Report
4.1 Approval of works by the Parish Council
4.2 Request for donation for Research for Pancreatic Cancer
4.3 Village Hall accounts (sent prior to meeting)
4.4 Approval of accounts and payment of cheques for July

5. General Correspondence Received
5.1 SCDC – Letter from Clerk asking for litter bins in Trafalgar Way
5.2 County Council – Winter Gritting Routes
5.3 County Council – Transport Strategy (sent to PC on 5.8.13)
5.4 SCDC – Planning Policy Monthly Update (sent to PC on 6.8.13)
5.5 Email from Jairo Marin – new lawn mower
5.6 Resident letter – Improvements to front of property
5.7 Tom Flanagan - £1000 donation from estate for tree planting
5.8 County Council – Connecting Cambridgeshire (faster broadband)
5.9 Ginn & Co (retirement of Madeleine Barham)
5.10 Viking Way – right of easement (confidential letter to Parish Council)
5.11 Residents Association – permission for use of village green for 2014 Village Fete
5.12 Village Hall Management Committee – possible installation of solar panels
5.13 SCDC – Publication of proposed submission – South Cambridgeshire Local Plan

6. Chairman’s Report
A14 Improvement – Public Exhibition

7. Committee Reports
a. Planning Committee  (MP)
b. Environment Committee (BW)

8. Other Reports
a. Cambridgeshire County Council (JR)
b. South Cambridgeshire District Council (BW/RH)
c. Any other reports

9. Items for Information