Friday, 27 September 2013

Cambridge City: Parker's Piece Lighting

Cambridge City Council is calling for the installation of six lighting columns on Parker’s Piece as a response to a four week public consultation undertaken with park users and other stakeholders early in 2013. Over 1,000 members of the public commented on trials of different lighting styles, completing questionnaires relating to use patterns and feelings of safety on the Piece. The results indicated a 76% level of public support in favour of lighting of some kind on Parker’s Piece. Of all respondents 62% described themselves as ‘local residents’.

‘The consultation process has been fundamental in developing this scheme’ said Executive Councillor for Public Places Andrea Reiner. ‘We are responding to a desire for additional lighting on Parker's Piece which will help reduce the perceived or actual danger people can face on the park at night time.’

Six high quality ‘heritage style’ columns have been proposed that would be sympathetic to the historic character of the Piece, minimising ‘competition’ with the central listed lighting column known as ‘Reality Checkpoint. The columns would act as wayfinder or ‘beacon’ lighting, and use the minimal amount of columns required to allow for some illumination on the main paths.

Councillor Reiner also stated, “Parker's Piece has a distinctive character, so we have been sensitive to this as we have developed this design. We hope the additional lighting on Parker's Piece will ensure that this beloved green space remains an integral and enjoyable part of the City for years to come.”

The scheme, with an estimated cost of £ 60,000, will be scrutinised by elected members at the Environment Scrutiny Committee on the 8th of October, with a four week period of consultation to follow. If approved, works would commence in January of 2014.

More information about the project can be found on the Council website, where project details will be made available for public viewing.