Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lib Dems Call For Full Review Of Park And Ride Sites

Cllr David Jenkins
Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats have called for a full review of Park and Ride sites to explore all options for generating revenue and further promoting sustainable transport.

They claim a strategy is needed to make sure Cambridgeshire County Council is deriving the most benefit from the sites.  

The call comes after it was decided that a county council Cabinet decision to impose parking charges at P & R sites should be reconsidered.

Lib Dems claim the decision, which they overturned after calling it in for scrutiny, was constitutionally flawed and should not have been taken.  

David Jenkins, Lib Dem Spokesperson for the Environment, Transport and Enterprise, said: “This was clearly a key decision. It involves a change of policy and would have a substantial impact on the council's finances. Such decisions cannot and should not be taken at the end of a cabinet agenda with only a few days' notice.

“The P&R sites have been operating successfully for several years and thousands of users have changed their travel habits because they have accepted the council's offer of 'park free, pay to ride the bus'. Suddenly charging for parking is abusing a trust that has developed.”

Lib Dems say that the review should be fully strategic and extend to all P&R sites including those on the guided busway and the busway itself. It should explore all options including third party involvement and a more extensive use of smart card and other technologies.